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Farewell Mania 2016

Farewell Mania

This time of year is generally marked by different functions at QDPS and the college becomes hive of activities. On one hand the children are engrossed into taking up their examinations to sharpen their skills and be prepared, on the other it is time to bid farewell to the outgoing classes. During the previous week 1st year boys parted with their immediate seniors by offering them as sumptuous lunch. The venue for the feast was lush green and picturesque lawn of QDPS. Teachers, Students and Head graced the occasion, exchanged pleasantries and wished Good Lunch to each other. The worthy principal vociferously and vehemently urge the students to work harder than ever and bring laurels to the institute. Another farewell party was organized by the C-II class for the outgoing C-3 at Mughal Mahal. All the teachers teaching both Classes were invited. The Principal QDPS one again urged the students to work tirelessly for their sake, for the sake of this institute and their families.


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