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First Time DPS Budget Making

Spread of education network

First Ever Student Scholarships Scheme for Deserving

The First Ever Three Weeks Long Teachers Training Workshop

Improvement of Security System

Completion of Abandoned Sports Complex

Reforming the Fixed Salary Contract of Teachers

School Adoption Scheme (SAS)

Elimination of 89 Days Recruitment

Revival of BOT after Six Years

Issuance of News Letter

Website Revival

Due Regard to Parents Suggestions:

Recruitment of Teachers on Merit

Approval of a Mega Project






It is rightly said that a nation’s strength lies in the might, vigilance and diligence of those blessed persons who shape the destiny of their nation. Lucky are those whose leaders positive outlook, broad vision and deep foresight pave their ways to their destination. Quaid-e-Azam Divisional Public School & College, Gujranwala, an eminent educational institute has been in the limelight of steady climb to the pinnacles of glory under a commendable leadership of Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja, Commissioner Gujranwala and Chairman BOT/BOG  of Quaid-e-Azam Divisional Public School & College, Gujranwala. The dynamic and Charismatic personality of Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja, Commissioner Gujranwala Division, winner of President of Pakistan Gold Medal for his Best All Round Performance and Leadership Excellence Award by the Chief Minister of Punjab is a role model for his meritorious contributions to the education sector. Being a Chairman of this prestigious institution named as QDPS, his services are highly appreciable and worth mentioning. We would enlist a few to pay a tribute to this great reformer.

First Time DPS Budget Making:

Some one quoted that, “A thingwell-planned is half done”. Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja being an astounding planner and management expert directed to plan the budget of QPC and it was for the first time that a budget for the upcoming year was mapped out.It proved a boost for the economic stability of this glorious institution. Due to this timely and stupendous decision, savings as compared to last couple of years multiplied. This documentation of finance has brought transparency in system.

Spread of Education Network:

Addition of Academic Block:

An academic block was approved by our worthy Chairman and the construction of this addition to Junior School QPC was started on May 29, 2014 with an estimation of 19 million rupees. The project completed on September 28, 2014 under the kind supervision of Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja and Alhamdulillah classes started on April 01, 2015 in this new academic block.


Launching of New Branches of QPC:

Being an ardent and passionate lover of Education, Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja Chairman BOT/BOG  took radical and revolutionary steps to ensure the provision of quality education at grass root level.For the purpose, he instilled a spirit among the officers of other departments as well and successfully inaugurated a new campus of QDPS in Wazirabad. Moreover, launching of many more campuses is in progress whose detail is briefly given:



A land of 24-Kanals on old G.T.Road worth million of rupees has been divested by TMA. The Branch is inaugurated on April 06, 2015 in a rented building and more than 300 students are successfully enrolled.


An area of 39-Kanals and 18-Marlas has been transferred by AC Daska for the spreading light of knowledge for the people of Daska. The construction of this campus is in progress.


The building of Sports Goods Testing Laboratory will be used for the School till our own building is constructed.

Lala Musa

Here the unutilized vacant place a piece of land of 78-Kanals 12 Marlas (worth Rs.100 millions) in elementary College Lala Musa will be used for the noble

cause of  Education. In this respect, the process is underway.


An area of 48-Kanals (worth Rs.60 millions) has charitably been donated by the locals. The detail is: 

i). MrImtiazAslam 15K 8M, ii)Haji Sultan Ahmad and Sons16K 12M, iii) Ali Nawaz etc.16K.


DCO Hafizabad has launched a QDPS branch in AC Office old building where more than 100 students are already enrolled.


Hats off to our worthy Commissioner whose every decision is loading and blazing a trail for others to follow:

First Ever Student Scholarships Scheme for Deserving:

Quality education for offspring is the dream of every parent. Worthy Commissioner, Gujranwala transformed this long awaited dream into reality by introducing various reforms for deserving but strenuous students. The detail is as under:

  1. If a student becomes an orphan during studies or his father suffers disability due to any mishap, he/she if deserving shall be given 100% fee concession.
  2. Government employees/QPC employees working in Class Four and having less than 30,000/- per month income can apply for a fee concession.
  3. Thirty six deserving students have already availed this opportunity extended to them by His Highness Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja.

This patronizing and kind decision of the Commissioner has really promoted equality and distribution of future prospects to all and sundry is ensured.

The First Ever Three Weeks Long Teachers Training Workshop:

Life is a consistent effort to explore, to learn and to share. Since its inception in 1987, Teacher’s Refresher courses have been a prominent feature of Quaid-e-AzamDivisonal Public School and College but it is for the first time in its history that Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja, Commissioner Gujranwala Division arranged and facilitated professional learning opportunities for teaching faculty. A Teachers’ Training Workshop was managed at GakkharElementary College during Summer Vacation in which more than 120 teachers updated their techniques and teaching methodologies. It was funded by the institution and cost about Rs. 6.4 lac. A team of highly qualified, provident and expert trainers guided them under the benevolent leadership of Chairman BOT/BOG. Worthy Commissioner himself presided over the closing ceremony of three-week long workshop. This will surely play a vital role in updating teacher’s knowledge and ensuring the quality education to present day requirements.

Improvement of Security System:

Facing the Challenges of terrorism and security threats, Quaid-e-Azam Public School and College has always been greatly concerned about the security of its Quaidians. Under rational and provident supervision of the Worthy Commissioner, following measures are taken to tackle unavoidable circumstances:

  1. Boundary Wall was raised to 8 feet from outside.
  2. Fencing of boundary wall with razor wire (mild steel) upto a further 2 feet high.
  3. Three walk though gates were purchased and installed at different entry gates.
  4. Three Metal detectors were purchased on 15 January,2015  and installed on different entry and exit gates.
  5. Bottom view mirrors were purchased on 15 January,2015 for inspection of vehicles at entry and exit gates on regular basis.
  6. 04 X 12 bore repeater / Pump actions guns were purchased on 05 March, 2015 and handed over to the security staff.
  7. 02 pistols 9mm were purchased on 05 March, 2015 and handed over to the security staff along with the ammunition.
  8. Latest state of the art surveillance cameras were installed at vintage points.
  9. 12 Search lights were installed on boundary walls. Each light is 450W.
  10. Trolley mounted fire extinguishers have been placed at different points to counter any emergency.
  11. To apprise the students and teaching staff a siren can be blown to indicate any emergency.
  12. Stickers for entry of vehicles of employees / residents were printed and given to the vehicle owners.
  13. Safety of all water tanks was ensured by fixing permanent locks on them.
  14. New First aid material was purchased.
  15. Total Security Guards are 50 out of which 28 security guards are appointed on regular basis and 22 are hired from outsource.  
  16. 6 new guard towers were constructed at sensitive points along the boundary walls.
  17. A bunker at the roof tops at each building was constructed for snipers.
  18. Blood group record of all the students is maintained for emergency purposes.
  19. Ex. Army security supervisor was hired.
  20. On each Sunday mock exercise is carried among the security staff to handle any untoward situation. At the same time the weapons are tested regularly.
  21. Clearance of the canteen staff, chowkidars, waiters, and security guards has been obtained from the special police branch.
  22. Salary of guards was fixed earlier but now they are given annual increment since their joining date with arrears w.e.f 01-12-2014.

Undoubtedly, all above mentioned steps are ensuring smooth sailing of this glorious institution and Worthy Commissioner’s personal intrigue and involvement have made it practical.

Completion of Abandoned Sports Complex:

As sports and Games play a key role in making students all-rounder, Worthy Commissioner Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja is taking keen interest to promote youth talent. For the purpose, he has directed the administration of QPC to complete the under construction Sports Complex for students. It was abandoned since March 2009. Necessary steps are being taken to complete the project in time.

Reforming the Fixed Salary Contract of Teachers:

Leader is the one who is a foreseer, owns a broader vision and meets with the expectations of public. Teaching faculty of QPC especially the ones working on fixed contract owe a great deal of thankfulness and gratitude to their Chairman BOT/BOG who has increased and enhanced their pay package from 16,000/- to 20,000/-. Along with it an annual increment based on their performance is also approved under following categories:

  • Satisfactory Performance                          5%
  • Good Performance                                    10%
  • Extra-ordinary Performance                      15%

An annual increment is already included in their salaries w.e.f December, 2014. No doubt this mental satisfaction will instill new spirits in teachers and will enhance their performance.

School Adoption Scheme (SAS):

Another revolutionary step of School Adoption Scheme is taken by the sagacious leader Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja Commissioner Gujranwala Chairman BOT/BOG and a team of dedicated members are working day in and day out to boost and uplift the poor and unprivileged Government institutions which are deprived of basic facilities such as furniture, drinking water, Libraries, Laboratories and other amenities. Along with the provision of basic necessities, this scheme targets at bringing such institutions at par with the more privileged ones. It will ensure equal attainment of quality education for all. The NGO’s and Philanthropists of the city are also urged to strengthen the hands of QDPS&C in this noble service. Following are the Govt. Primary Schools adopted by Quaid-e-Azam Divisional Public School & College, Gujranwala.



  1. Govt. Primary School Sharif Pura, Gujranwala.
  2. Govt. Primary School Tameer-e-Nou, Peolples Colony, Gujranwala.
  3. Govt. Model Primary School, Nowshehra Road, Gujranwala.
  4. Govt. Girls Primary School, MC No. 5, Near Niaen Chowk, Gujranwala.
  5. Govt. Girls Primary School, Shaheenabad, Gujranwala.
  6. Govt. Girls Primary School, Qila Sunder Singh, Near Awan Chowk, Gujranwala.

It is targeted to adopt 35 schools in Wazirabad and 25 in Daska and to initiate the process two schools in Daska are renovated and their inauguration is expected in the next week. Its three teachers are attending training workshops in QPC, Gujranwala these days.

Elimination of 89 Days Adhoc Recruitment: 

Since 2010, QDPS&C was hiring teaching faculty for 89 days on Adhoc Basis. The Ex-Principal QPC was authorized to hire faculty once and for extension of their contract they were supposed to appear in a re-interview but the ex-principal misusing his authority kept on extending their contract and consequently the Principal was terminated as this was proving fatal financially as well as academically. Talented individuals were not interested in the package while those who joined could not exhibit their best due to uncertainty and instability of their jobs. Taking an immediate notice of this weak area, Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja has directed to eliminate and reform the system to ensure sound commitment and declaration to the institution as a result talented and highly qualified individuals are hired with an attractive salary package. His efforts will surely bear fruit in the days to come.

Revival of BOT after Six Years:

Board of Trustees of QDPS&C had been inactive from 2009 to 2015 i.e no meeting of BOT was held after 2009. Showing a deep concern about it, Worthy Commissioner/Chairman BOT/BOG Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja revived the initial board formed in 1987 on Divisional Level by convening meeting of BOT in 2015. All reverend members of Board were called for a meeting by the Chairman and their services for the Trust were duly commemorated. This step would surely prove fruitful for the welfare of this exemplary institute.

Issuance of Newsletter:

To update the parents and general public about the strenuous working of QDPS&C. Worthy Commissioner BOT/BOG constituted a committee of four senior most heads and instructed them to issue a newsletter on monthly basis containing reports of different academic and extra-curricular activities. Under his kind supervision, issuance of newsletter is in progress.

Website Revival:

In an era of information technology, every standard institution needs to be in close contact with masses. News reaching to the concerned in a flash has become the requirement of the age. The QPC website had been inactive from June 2011 to December 2013. Showing his command on the latest trends, Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja, Commissioner Gujranwala directed to revive and      re-design the website of QDPS&C according to the latest features and upload latest material to it. Due to his keenness and personal interest in the task the QPC pages were designed on social media as well including facebook, Wikipedia etc for the first time. For his vision and kindled approach the website stands above the rest with its video virtual tour which is the brain child of the Worthy Chairman.

Due Regard to Parents Suggestions:

Worthy Commissioner/Chairman BOT/BOG has always been keen about the satisfaction of respectable parents whose kids future is handed over to this prestigious institution. Showing a special consideration and regard to parents suggestions he took the following decisions benevolently:

  • Doing away with the Punjab Education Commission (PEC) Examination.

Students of QDPS&C have been appearing in Punjab Examination Commission for 8th Grade and have been excelling but for last few years some changes in PEC did not let this Exams be very much fruitful. Even the Secondary School Examination result was being effective by PEC examination. Keeping a vigilant eye on the prevailing circumstances, the Chairman BOT/BOG remitted the decision and cancelled the PEC exams in favour of students. This has really uplifted their fervor and their parents are highly gratified on this wise and timely decision.

  • Only 10% Fee Increase in Two Years.

Parents are intimated about 10% increase in School Fee yearly but exhibiting his broad vision His Highness Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja contributed a decision of only 10% increase in last two years to lessen the financial burden on parents

  • Improvement in Quality of Education. 

As education is a triangular process involving teachers students and parents so keeping the objective of parents contentment in mind Worthy Commissioner has emphasized on hiring highly qualified teachers to boost robust teaching.

Recruitment of Teachers on Merit:

Hunt for highly qualified teaching faculty has been a prime objective of administration of QPC. The Worthy Commissioner/Chairman BOT/BOG has appointed 28 highly qualified individuals through a fair and just series of interviews. This procedure was fairly on merit and strictly checked by Worthy Commissioner.

Approval of a Mega Project:

Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja has approved a mega project of Rs. 8.7 million for the construction of car parking facilities and fibre glass sheds in QPC. It will prove a revolutionary step to update the standard of the institution.

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