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Educational Aims

The college strives to discover the hidden potential of the learner and trains him to make the best of both the worlds .

It seeks to achieve harmonious development of mind and body as well as morals and emotions. It wants to foster an attitude of submission to divine guidance and closest adherence to the supreme model set by the Holy Prophet (PBUH). This is followed by cultivating a sense of pride in being a patriotic Pakistani, who is conscious of his glorious past and works with zeal in the real present, in order to realize a more glorious future. The student at the college is taught to be conscious of the limitless bounties of the Lord that lay hidden and scattered in the earth and the heaven and to explore them for human progress. He is encouraged to participate in the enterprise of discovery and adventure to share the excitement of reaching out into the space and explore the universe. The college guides children to read books and magazines and conduct their own researches and reach the logical conclusions in a scientific manner. The industrious staff provides stimulating environment for textbook study, general reading and intelligent criticism.

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