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Teaching can become a fun if the teacher is dedicated inspiring and trained.
According to a survey about 10% teachers possess proper qualification to teach effectively. Rest 90% need formal training for the said purpose lesson delivery can be made interesting and effective if following steps are taken:

  1. Prepare and plan your lesson before hand.
  2. Make use of Audio Video aids e.g charts, pictures, projector, Multimedia, computer, Authentic material and realia.
  3. Involve students into the lesson.
  4. Be polite and friendly with the students
  5. Always be positive in thinking and action
  6. Keep record of progress of the students
  7. Keep the parents and School administration informed about the progress of students.
  8. You can add tableau, fiction, skit or drama into your lesson.
  9. You can arrange Art or science exhibition.
  10. You can arrange speeches or debate.
  11. Teacher should know students at personal level and he/she should know their problems also.
  12. Teacher should guide and help the students in deciding about right and wrong and good or bad things.

Amjad Pervaiz
Head Master
Boys School – QPC

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