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Security Arrangements of QDPS

Security arrangements

The Worthy Commissioner / Chairman BOT / BOG Mr. Shamail Ahmad Khawaja has been very keen to ensure the safety of the students, the members of more than 450 families of the workers at QDPS. According to his vision a complete security program was designed to meet the uncertain situations prevailing in the country. The salient features of this program are listed below:

  1. Boundary Wall was raised to 8 feet from outside.

  2. Fencing of boundary wall with razor wire (mild steel) upto a further 2 feet high.

  3. Three walk though gates were purchased and installed at different entry gates.

  4. Three Metal detectors were purchased on 15 January,2015  and installed on different entry and exit gates.

  5. Bottom view mirrors were purchased on 15 January,2015 for inspection of vehicles at entry and exit gates on regular basis.

  6. 04 X 12 bore repeater / Pump actions guns were purchased on 05 March, 2015 and handed over to the security staff.

  7. 02 pistols 9mm were purchased on 05 March, 2015 and handed over to the security staff along with the ammunition.

  8. Latest state of the art surveillance cameras were installed at vintage points.

  9. 12 Search lights were installed on boundary walls. Each light is 450W.

  10.  Trolley mounted fire extinguishers have been placed at different points to counter any emergency.

  11. To apprise the students and teaching staff a siren can be blown to indicate any emergency.

  12. Stickers for entry of vehicles of employees / residents were printed and given to the vehicle owners.

  13. Safety of all water tanks was ensured by fixing permanent locks on them.

  14. New First aid material was purchased.

  15. 20 private guards from reputed security agency were hired including snipers carrying 7mm guns.

  16.  6 new guard towers were constructed at sensitive points along the  boundary walls.

  17. A bunker at the roof tops at each building was constructed for snipers.

  18.  Blood group record of all the students is maintained for emergency purposes.

  19. Ex. Army security supervisor was hired.

  20.  On each Sunday mock exercise is carried among the security staff to handle any untoward situation. At the same time the weapons are tested regularly.

  21. Clearance of the canteen staff, chowkidars, waiters, and security guards has been obtained from the special police branch.

Future plan

  1. Installation of more security cameras with video link to the commissioner office.

  2. Biometric attendance system for staff and students will start working in very near future. The necessary arrangements are being made in this regard. 

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